Mar 1, 2020, 1:59 PM
Rare Beer 4

The Rare Beer, a very special brew, was launched in Wellington last Wednesday.

Rare Disorders NZ and award-winning brewers Fortune Favours teamed up to create a unique beer to raise awareness of the 300,000 New Zealanders living with a rare health condition.

The launch was attended by dozens of people all keen to taste this unique beer.

“Inspired by the great work of Rare Disorders NZ, Fortune Favours has brewed 'The Rare Beer'. We have used unusual and rare ingredients like butterfly pea flower and blue raspberry to create a very unique brew,” says Head Brewer Dale Cooper.

The brew day took place in mid-January, with members of the rare disorder community working alongside Dale and his team. Rare Disorders NZ Chief Executive Lisa Foster was involved in creating this beer, adding ingredients to the brew tanks and learning about the process.

“Buy a pint, spare a thought and spread the word that Rare is Everywhere,” says Lisa. “A donation from each beer will go to our organisation to help us continue to improve the wellbeing of people living with a rare disorder and their whanau.”

Another special aspect to ‘The Rare Beer’ is the tap badges, which feature a kingfisher from the Rare Disorders NZ logo, and were coloured in by people living with rare disorders so each badge will be unique.

The Rare Beer is available (while stocks last) from the following outlets:


Fantail and Turtle 
Beer Spot Huapai 
Satya Chai Lounge 


Fortune Favours 
Fortune Favours Airport
Unite Brew Works 
One Fat Bird 
Honey Badger
Brew’d Boulcott  

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