Dec 19, 2018, 9:43 AM

PHARMAC has released a report and action plan from their review of the role of the consumer voice in their work.

The review looked at how PHARMAC seek and incorporate consumer voices into their work, including how they make funding decisions for medicines and medical devices.

Some key themes that came from the consultation included:

  • Consumers want to be more visible in our funding process and have input earlier on in the process.
  • Consumers want their lived experiences to be considered in our decisions on funding (and changing) medicines.
  • Consumers want more information on brand changes, an opportunity to have their say earlier, and easier ways to give feedback after changes have been made.
  • PHARMAC’s Consumer Advisory Committee needs to be representative of consumers and enable their voices to be a part of PHARMAC’s processes.


Action plan on PHARMAC’s website 

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