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Lisa Foster: please make a submission on the Sick Leave bill (video link)

Sick leave submission - why it's important (video link)

Essential Information about the Process 

Using the template submission: A template submission has been included in the Appendix to this document.  You can copy and paste this into a word document and modify / add additional details about how the additional sick leave will benefit you (and others) as a person / carer with a rare disorder.  Personal stories about the benefits / impacts of a law change (like the decision to extend sick leave entitlements) can be very compelling for a select committee - these can often be best shared in an oral submission.  Just make sure you read the privacy / confidentiality points below first.

Closing date for written submissions: 28 January 2021.

Where to make a written submission: Parliament Website - here.

Who is the submission to: You are writing a submission to the Education and Workforce Committee, which is a Parliamentary Select Committee.  The full list of members is available here.  There is a Government majority on this Select Committee and it is chaired by Marja Lubeck (Labour MP).

Privacy / Confidentiality / Published submission: Your written submission will be publicly released and published to the Parliament website. Only your name or organisation’s name is required on a submission. Please keep your contact details separate, as if they are included on the submission they will become publicly available when the submission is released.  If you wish to include information of a private or personal nature in your submission you should discuss this with the clerk of the committee before submitting. 

Next steps: You can also request an oral submission, which means that you may have an opportunity to speak to the Select Committee.  It is up to the Select Committee who they grant this to, often depending on the number of submissions that they receive.   If you would like to do an oral submission as well, then you need to write this request in your written submission and tick the online form when you submit online. 

Further Guidance from Parliament about making a submission: available here.

Essential Information about the Bill

Purpose of the Bill: The Holidays (Increasing Sick Leave) Amendment Bill proposes to increase the availability of employer funded sick leave for employees. It would do this by amending the Holidays Act 1993 to increase the minimum sick leave entitlement from 5 days per year, to 10 days per year.

Appendix: Template Submission

My name / organisation is [XXXXX] and I am writing a submission in support of the Holidays (Increasing Sick Leave) Amendment Bill, in particular clause 4 which extends the annual entitlement of sick leave from 5 to 10 days’ paid sick leave.

Increasing paid sick leave entitlement is important to me because it means that:

[Examples: you may want to adapt / include your own as well:

  • I have more financial support when I am unwell and do not need to use my annual leave or unpaid leave - this year I may actually be able to use my annual leave to spend quality time with my family;
  • It gives me more job security, and means that I am more likely to stay in paid employment, which is particularly important given the costs of medication;
  • It reduces stress and means that I do not always have to choose between using available sick leave for myself or the person I care for. Rare Disorders New Zealand (RDNZ) have advised that approximately 50% of rare disorder patients are children, 30% of whom will not live to celebrate their 5th birthday [1] 

Increasing sick leave entitlements is just one small step that the Government can take to support people living with a rare disorder, but there is so much more to be done to support the 1 in 17 New Zealanders living with a rare disorder and their carers. 

I call on the Government to adopt:

  • The seven strategic priorities that make up a National Rare Disorder Framework for rare disorders being embedded and implemented in New Zealand: details here.
  • Rare Disorders New Zealand (RDNZ) having their government funding reinstated. RDNZ is the connector hub and collective voice of rare disorders, with more than 140 rare disorder support groups under its umbrella. With 6,000 different types of disorders, RDNZ represents an important and sizable population that needs recognition.

I wish to make an oral submission in support of my written submission.

Sick leave bill submission template (word doc)

Sick leave bill submission from Rare Disorders NZ (for reference)



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