Rare Disease Day takes place on the last day of February and is an annual opportunity to raise awareness. 

It’s not rare to have a rare disorder. Around 300,000 people in New Zealand have a rare condition. Collectively, rare disorders affect more Kiwis than diabetes.

Get involved in Rare Disease Day and help raise awareness and funds for support groups throughout the country.


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Rare Disease Day 2020

This Rare Disease Day give some love and money to improve healthcare and wellbeing for people and their whānau living with a rare disorder.

Our stories

Three unique New Zealanders shared their stories to raise awareness about rare diseases and the impact they have on patients and families.

Share for Rare

Rare Disease Day is an annual opportunity to raise awareness and educate people about the thousands of rare conditions that affect more than 377,000 New Zealanders.

RDD Awards

NZORD is hosting the inaugural New Zealand Rare Disease Day Awards in 2019 to honour and recognise the rare disease champions in our community.

Education Session

NZORD is running a free Education Session for the chance to meet, talk and share with others living with rare disorders.